For mobile marketing entrepreneurs who want to build a business offering mobile websites to local businesses.

Do You Want to be Credited in Your Community by all the Local Business Owners for Helping Them Grow their Businesses Using one of the Most Powerful Marketing Tools available in our Lifetime?

From: Kim Dushinski

Denver, Colorado USA

Dear Mobile Marketing Entrepreneur:

Does this sound like you?

  • You see mobile phones everywhere. You see people using mobile phones for  directions, people using mobile phones to for quick facts on Wikipedia to win arguments, people using mobile phones as the new yellow pages to find local businesses and more!
  • The bottom line is you SEE these little things (mobile phones) everywhere and you know there’s an opportunity screaming at you (Maybe some nights you’re not sleeping because you’re thinking about how you can get in on the action! I know, it’s happened to me too.)
  • Maybe you’re not sure where to start in mobile marketing and you have lots of questions … but aren’t sure where to ask them. Perhaps you already know all the different ways to profit from mobile but you’re not sure which one is the easiest to start with and make money with so you have the confidence to go after bigger deals.
  • You may have a sense of urgency about getting started in a mobile-focused business and don’t want to miss this window of opportunity. .
  • You know you want to work with real businesses in your local area (restaurants, spas, retail stores, etc.) You know you can build a business, slow and steady, by helping them use the power and ease of mobile to get more customers.
  • As you drive around your town you see businesses and retail stores all around who would be ideal clients for a mobile website … but you don’t know how to reach out to them, how to present it to them and show them what they’re missing.


Discover How to Get Your First Check from Your First Mobile Website Client in Much Less Than 5 Weeks and Have the Confidence to Do It Over and Over Again!

Any business today without a mobile website is at risk of losing potential customers, disappointing current customers and falling behind their competition who may have already embraced mobile website technology.

As reported by Mobile Discoveries Radio, only 12% of small companies with fewer than 99 employees and 21 percent of medium-sized enterprises have a mobile website. 44% of larger companies do.

Since a majority of businesses do not yet have a mobile website, but all need one, there is a wide open opportunity for mobile marketing entrepreneurs to step in and build them for businesses.  Especially after seeing statistics that show expected growth of 130.5% (2008-2013) for local mobile search.

But, there’s a problem here that needs to be solved.

Firstly, there are people using their mobile phones and searching the internet for services that local businesses in their area provide.

The problem is that a lot of local businesses aren’t being found where their potential customers are looking for them.

Frankly, this is frustrating for those potential customers and when local business owners find this out, they ask themselves why they haven’t been pursuing mobile sooner.

After all, isn’t the goal of getting new customers supported by being where your target audience tends to be?

AT&T released statistics from a study that showed that 43% of local searchers of mobile devices physically showed up at the business location they found in online mobile search results. What was MORE impressive was that 22% of those users actually made a purchase!

Do you see the HUGE problem local business owners have?

Local businesses that aren’t being found by potential buyers
who are searching for their services with mobile devices
are LOSING tons of money!

This is HUGE problem that local businesses couldn’t pay you FAST enough to solve and it’s an easy problem to solve for these businesses when you learn exactly what to do and how to do it.

Are you still wondering whether or not this is something local businesses would want to pay you for?

You shouldn’t be – it’s clear as day!

Mobile marketing (especially mobile websites) is to local businesses now what the Internet itself was in 2001. And businesses that don’t get going on their mobile website will be flat out left behind.

Here’s how you can solve this HUGE problem for local business owners and get paid for it…

The majority of local business owners are very busy running and managing their businesses and do NOT have the time or the know-how to take advantage of this opportunity.

Most small business owners will probably miss this boat completely because they’re so busy working in their own businesses day to day.

And when it comes to areas like local mobile search marketing and building their mobile website, they neither have the time, resources nor the how-how to implement, they would rather pay others with the know-how and “expertise” handle it for them.

Here’s where you come in:

You’ll learn how to strategize and build mobile websites for local businesses
and get them listed in local mobile search results –
building a booming business doing it. Simple as that!

I’m sure you can SEE the opportunity that’s screaming at you right now.

Remember earlier how I mentioned that maybe some nights you’re not sleeping because you’re thinking about how you can get in on the action?


Alright, well let me ask you a few questions about the consequences of NOT taking action on this opportunity:


  • How are you going to feel about yourself in a few years if you’re still thinking about trying to make money with mobile?
  • What businesses are going to be left for you to sell mobile to when the market is saturated and every one and their uncle is a mobile consultant?
  • Will you be happy that you missed one of the biggest opportunities of our lifetime to your sink your entrepreneurial teeth into?
  • Will you wish that you at least TRIED to do something easy with mobile and see what could have happened for you?

If any of your answers to those questions tied your gut up in knots and you know that you want to avoid putting yourself through that in the future, then I urge you to consider looking at mobile websites as your ticket and the Ultimate Mobile Marketing BOOTCAMP as your place to start.

You can avoid putting yourself in the position where you regret having had the opportunity to take advantage of and personally profiting from this massive mobile trend but didn’t.

I guarantee you’ll be happier after you’ve learned how to land your first client for mobile websites and you’re looking at the first check you’ll be proudly holding between your hands. You saw an idea, an opportunity and turned it into money. That’s what true entrepreneurs do and that’s what you have the opportunity to make a reality.

Let me show you why the Ultimate Mobile Marketing BOOTCAMP will make it easy for you to  land mobile site building clients…

I’ve included everything you’ll need to land your first client.

What’s important for anyone just starting out is to get some wins under your belt first. This will give you the validation you need that it actually works and the self-confidence you need to do it again. The simple step-by-step system that you’ll learn about is easy to follow.

Here it is in a nutshell:

1. List your Top 10 Prospects (and I will show you how to figure out who they are)

2. Invite them to a free workshop or schedule a free 20-minute mobile site demo meeting (You’ll learn the nuts and bolts of both the options in BOOTCAMP)

3. Present them with their options for moving forward with their mobile site (Again, this will all be laid out for you in BOOTCAMP)

4. Close the Deal (This is the part where you get your first check.)

5. Build their Mobile Site (Yes, you’ll know how to strategize and get it built.)

There’s a little more to each step and how to smoothly connect each step as you take it and I’ll show you how exactly how to do that to land your first client.

“Kim Dushinski’s Mobile Marketing Masters Class and Mobile Marketing Boot Camp Training combined, has provided us with the most comprehensive and educational training that we have taken part in.

With the real world training that we received from Kim’s courses, has made us focus on what really matters when putting together a consumer focused mobile marketing program. So much so, it has aloud us to be in talks with a  major national wireless carrier, to help educate some of their franchise retailers on how to begin using mobile marketing in in-store sales and consumer acquisition.”

Eric Carder, Carder Consulting Group


Now a lot of educators make the mistake of overloading their students with too much information in the beginning and that’s not what you need especially if you’re new to something.

It can be just as hard to learn something new without the right support and especially if you’re bombarded with more information than you know what to do with. You would probably spend more time trying to connect all the dots than being out there getting new clients.

This program will teach you precisely what you need to focus on and the critical elements that will give you the results you’re after in a shorter amount of time.We’ll take things week by week and you’ll have tons of opportunities to ask all the questions you want.

About Kim Dushinski,
Mobile Marketing BOOTCAMP Leader

Before we go any further, I want to make sure you know who I am and why I am qualified to be leading you in the Ultimate Mobile Marketing BOOTCAMP.

Through my mobile marketing training company, Mobile Marketing Profits, I specialize in helping people start and build mobile marketing businesses. Since the spring of 2009 when I launched my training program for mobile marketing entrepreneurs I have taught and guided hundreds of people from around the world in starting and building their mobile marketing businesses.

My book, The Mobile Marketing Handbook, is one of the most widely known books on mobile marketing and the second edition just came out in January 2012. It is a required textbook for college courses in mobile marketing including the one I am teaching for the University of Virginia’s graduate course in eMarketing.

I am the CEO of the International Mobile Marketing Business Network, a global organization of mobile marketing entrepreneurs, professionals and vendors. As the leader of this organization I am called to speak about mobile marketing to such groups as the Association for Small Business Development Centers, Colorado Small Business Development Center, The Graduate Management Admission Council, the American Marketing Association, the Houston chapter of the American Advertising Federation, a select group of Colorado State Senators, The System Seminar and the Social Media Success Summit.

I have been a self-employed business owner since one year after graduating from the University of Denver in 1988. In my over 20 years in marketing I have been a small business marketing consultant, Marketing Director at a travel agency and co-owner of a book marketing firm with 8 employees. Because of my experence I am uniquely qualified to help other people start a business – naturally, in the mobile marketing field.

How Did I Get Into Mobile Marketing?

I’ve been in mobile marketing since early 2007 when I woke up in the middle of the night (this is a true story) on May 23 with my mind spinning with mobile possibilities. I just knew that mobile marketing was going to be huge and that businesses would need to know how to use this powerful tool effectively. And I knew I had to be a part of it.

(I bet that is happening to you right now, isn’t it?)

Here are a few mini-stories of some people who have gone through my training:

Linda Daichendt from Detroit has expanded her business consulting practice to include a wide variety of mobile marketing disciplines including SMS, MMS, QR codes, mobile websites and more, and has also founded the Mobile Technology Association of Michigan, a non-profit trade association for the industry.

In Phoenix, Tim Pepper, has added SMS/Text Messaging Services and Mobile Website Design to his existing Internet Marketing agency services adding a nice revenue stream to his business. He loves that from his customers’ perspectives they now have a competitive edge and it is easy for them to justify the fees they pay him – everyone benefits.

Jonnie Allan from Tucson, a.k.a. The Mobile Marketing Guy, has established a full-fledged Mobile Marketing Business offering SMS/Text Messaging and Mobile Website development for small to medium-sized businesses, as well as consulting on several mobile fund-raising campaigns for non-profits in both Southern Arizona and Southern California.

Melissa Nudi has launched her mobile marketing business in Pittsburgh and she is offering SMS Text Message Marketing, MMS Coupons, QR Codes, Location-Based Advertising, Text-to-Screen Requests, Mobile Marketing Consulting and much more. Her motto is “Don’t Just Advertise, Mobitize!

And, I’d love to help YOU too!

I’m proud to announce:


  • You will know mobile web site strategy inside and out and be confident in your ability to present and strategize mobile sites to your clients.
  • You will have the right tools at your fingertips to be able to quickly, easily and cheaply build mobile websites for your clients.
  • You will learn how to rank your clients’ mobile sites in the top positions of Google mobile search and other top tier search engines.
  • You will access a ton of ideas about how to find potential clients, how to show them how their businesses are losing money and why they will write out a check in your name lickety-split!
  • You will learn exactly how to price your mobile site building services so that you can easily sell your services have a profitable business model as your foundation.

And here’s the week by week breakdown of what we’ll do together:


The FUNDAMENTALS of Mobile Websites

There is nothing like jumping into something new and feeling like you are lost. Excited, but lost. In order to sell mobile websites to your clients you need to really understand them.

This module includes:

  • How to show your clients why they need a mobile website and how to make sure they know it by pointing out the money they’re losing
  • How to offer monthly progress reports using Google Analytics to monitor mobile web visitors – before and after you build the mobile site for your clients
  • There’s more than one way to skin a cat: The different business model options in mobile website building
  • How to dissect examples of Good and Bad Mobile Sites so you can make expert recommendations to your clients
  • At the end of this module you will know the ins and outs of mobile websites and how having one can benefit your clients. You’ll have the confidence to begin offering mobile website services because you’ll know that you REALLY understand it and are able to be the expert in it that your clients need.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *


Kim Dushinski and her class gave me the necessary information and support I needed
to get a jump-start on adding mobile marketing services and consulting to my already established
Internet marketing business. It was definitely a good use of my time and money and
if you are serious about getting into Mobile Marketing I recommend it.

Tim Pepper, Pepper Blue Marketing


Strategy of Mobile Websites / Traffic Generation


This module includes:

  • How to figure out what specific keywords your individual clients should target and what to put on the mobile websites
  • Easy to use strategic planning tools that will help you make sure you build a great mobile site
  • Making sure nothing is left out using your “Ultimate Mobile Website Checklist”
  • How to drive unstoppable mobile traffic to your clients’ mobile websites
  • Extra tips and resources to drive up your mobile SEO results


How To Clinic: Building Mobile Websites

The meat and potatoes of your mobile website business will be building mobile websites for your clients. Knowing the tools to use to make this easier are critical to your success. You don’t have to have any technical know-how or be a webmaster. As long as you are reasonably able to make your way around online,  you can do this.

This module includes:

  • Learn step-by-step how to build great mobile websites in a snap using my highest recommended mobile site builder
  • Watch over my shoulder and don’t miss a thing while I show you how to use a WordPress mobile plug in to quickly mobilize a WordPress site
  • Discover how to create a mobile website that feels like an app
  • Learn your other options for mobile web building, including cool resources for skillfully hand coding mobile sites

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

“For those who are interested in having a mobile marketing business, but not quite sure
how to proceed or which segment is for them, I highly recommend Kim Dushinski’s
training.  Her webinar series is packed full of detailed information, examples, industry resources
and lots of ideas to help you sort out the spot you would like to occupy in the mobile industry.

She’s careful to fully research the resources she recommends, and also provides a very good overview
of the pros and cons of the ideas and examples she shares during her training –
just what you need to give you a well-rounded perspective.”

Linda Daichendt,

Executive Director/President, Mobile Technology Association of Michigan


Build a Sales and Marketing Strategy for Your Business

Understanding mobile websites and being able to help your clients with it is certainly important, but you also have to market your own business well and have a clearly defined sales process. The reality is that marketing and sales will be a huge part of your daily life as a mobile marketing entrepreneur. But it doesn’t have to be hard. There are ways that you can prospect for clients and handle marketing and sales that is fun and easy.

This module includes:

  • How to set up your own mobile demo siteHow to create presentable demos for your potential client
  • How to price your mobile websites just right!
  • How to easily find potential mobile website clients
  • Sample Proposals and Contracts you can use to start signing clients
  • Marketing Plan worksheet
  • At the end of this module you will know how to market your business and have a clearly defined sales process. You will be ready to get clients and you’ll know how. You will have the tools you need to get started quickly.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

I completed the Mobile Marketing Master’s Class and launched my own Mobile
Marketing business in Pittsburgh, PA from the knowledge that I gained from the course.
Kim is an exceptional teacher.  She explains mobile marketing in a way that people
with all levels of mobile marketing knowledge can understand.

Her relationships with vendors is incredible.  She will give you the knowledge to choose the
correct vendors that best match  your business plan. Her courses are very detailed.
She provides visuals, explanations, and links to additional resources to gain more knowledge.
Kim provided the best secondary education that I have received in 10+ years of continuing education.”

Melissa L.  Nudi, Miracle Mobile Marketing


Pulling it All Together and Getting Your Questions Answered

By this point you may have some questions or need some clarification on something that is just not falling into place for you yet. Don’t worry. I will use Week 5 to answer any questions that have come up for you as we’ve gone through the first four modules.

This module includes:

  • A recording of the live Q&A call where you can listen to what participants in the live session asked. (Don’t worry, if your question isn’t asked, you still have a way to ask your question.)

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

There is a lot to know about mobile…and I wasn’t feeling like I had a good handle on it before,
but your course has been such a godsend.  I feel so much more confident.

Thanks ever so much.”

Patty Rutkowski

Something else that local business owners might ask you as their expert to provide is a way for them to accept mobile payments.

Now, not all businesses need this but some will. When your clients do need it, you wouldn’t want to be caught off guard and say that you’ll get back to them on it. That would imply that you don’t know what you’re doing and greatly damage your credibility. More importantly possibly ruin your chances of closing a sure deal.

The following Bonus Session will enable you to confidently walk your clients through the mobile commerce process.


mCommerce – How to Accept Payments on Your Mobile Site

This session will include a detailed how-to clinic demonstrating how to set up a mobile commerce shopping cart and how to add this solution to your clients’ mobile websites so they can receive payments from mobile users.





Exactly how are you going to get all this?

  • Four Recorded Webinars
  • Pulling it All Together Q&A Call
  • Unlimited viewing of the webinar replays – learn at your convenience
  • Downloadable MP3 files of all webinars and calls
  • Transcripts –  downloadable PDFs
  • Resource List / Recommended Vendor List

What is this Ultimate Mobile Marketing BOOTCAMP going to cost?

This BOOTCAMP is no longer available for enrollment as a stand alone course. It is currently available only to Members of the International Mobile Marketing Business Network (IMMBN) and is included for members in the Education component of the membership. Find out about the IMMBN here. When this BOOTCAMP was for sale, it cost $497. Annual membership dues in the IMMBN are just $197.

Find Out More about the IMMBN Now

Have fun mobile marketing,


Can I share something with you real quick? I would LOVE to have you in this BOOTCAMP and help you build your mobile website building business. If you are ready, let’s get started. You CAN do this! I also understand if it is not for you.

What I really hope is that you will MAKE A DECISION about it before you jump off this page. Don’t let this be one more thing to “think about.” If you found this page you know you have already been thinking about it. (I’m guessing you may even be losing sleep over it . . . your mind whirling with possibilities.) Let’s get going building your business.


Do you have questions? Check out the FAQ page.